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charity bag

In many ways, 2020 has made us more sensitive than ever to our privileges and the injustices in other parts of the world. Restrictions on contacts have affected all our lives. Those who missed their loved ones appreciated more the freedom to go anywhere at any time, to travel, to go out. Those who liked to live a secluded life now appreciated all the more the acceptance and tolerance for an introverted lifestyle. Health as a precious commodity for everyone - no matter what gender, age, skin colour, culture - made people look up to their neighbours and those who needed help. The Christmas season humbles us. As every year, consumption is being questioned more and more critically, so it is not unusual for donations to be made in the name of the person receiving the gift. To give something without material value - to give something because of the gift. To give something to make someone smile. To give something because we want to do something good for someone. A donation therefore goes far beyond our immediate surroundings. Sina and Jonas from Genuine Selection have been donating privately to VETO for some time already. They founded the natural cosmetics shop in 2019 out of the impulse to expose

their own bodies to high-quality, effective cosmetics products that were previously difficult to obtain in Germany and are not tested on animals. Now it was obvious to combine personal interests with the professional and so the charity make up pouch was created with the launch of the shop. It is designed by illustrator Kim Lea Adam, is made of 100% Fairtrade organic cotton and the ink is water-based. Of the 13,90€, 5€ are constantly donated to a charity project Currently its Kinderschutzengel e.V. Berlin. A novelty now is the first filled charity bag, which will be online on 1.12.2020. For 98€ you will receive products with a value of 280€. Skincare, bodycare, haircare and inner beauty - each product line is served and offers a wonderful cross-section of the brand range of genuine selection. Whoever wants to give the bag as a gift, offers a joy to those who have long wanted to change from conventional to natural cosmetics, but in the same breath has also made a donation to two charity organisations. 15€ of the bag will go to the fundraising campaign Rainforest on Borneo from the organisation Rainforest Rescue and another 5€ will go to VETO for the project donation marathon for animals.

Rock'n'Romance jumpsuit

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jumpsuit - Rock'n'Romance