Interior Insights

Vintage Interior with lime paint

Along with this, I began to dream of my own library, in the English style of around 1900. It was to take a few more years until a room presented itself for it. And then it became quite different than originally planned. With our move in the summer of 2020, our grand piano also moved in. We needed more space for the instrument than we thought, so we decided to use the biggest room to combine books and music. First, the entire room was freed from the woodchip wallpaper, re-wallpapered with smooth non-woven wallpaper and then completely whitewashed. The grand piano was placed in the corner between the door to the studio and the window to open up the room in this way.

In the corner we added white panelling from Orac Decor to create more dimension. (Planned is to add an oil painting there). Different lamps should meet the needs in all corners, so for now the Collet lamp from made is placed here. An antique chandelier hangs from the ceiling. To the right follows the antique secretary that has been with me for years. Above the secretary hangs an oil reproduction of Botticelli's Primavera. The lamp is a traditional Berliner Messinglampe. To the right follows a wall with the Pimpernel wallpaper by William Morris - only an antique sofa is placed in front of it. Decorations are vintage finds or from Dusty Crush Studio.

The last wall is painted with lime paint by Bauwerk, in the color Beech. 3.5m long shelves, matching the color of the antiques, form the library. We did without a back wall to let the wall color shine through. So far, base cabinets are still missing, which will perfectly fit in with magazine slopes and later this year will store office and notes, which is still distributed in the room. Currently, the Julianne seat from made finds a place there with a table from Nordal, that fits perfectly into the wall. The corner is highlighted with an antique armchair, which I had reupholstered back then. Above it is an antique mirror. It is impossible to capture the entire collection of books. It starts on the left with non-fiction books of various fields, biographies, piano scores, and systematically moves to poetry and drama to finally transition to prose on the right side above the

armchair. In the middle of the room in front of/under the grand piano is currently the Hampton pouf from made, which likes to change the room. Currently we are looking for a large rug that flatters all the colors - this is a longshot though, because unfortunately I haven't found one yet. Depending on the light, the room has a different look. The lime paint in particular looks very lively as a result - two coats (plus a primer) were enough for this look. The quality is completely convincing and the whole process is a great pleasure, as if you were sitting in front of a large canvas and brush by feel. And this is exactly the feeling that reflects the entire room - this is where we work, read, learn, dream, in short, this room is the heart of the apartment as its own world. The last finished room but the first place that feels right.