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Kids room inspiration

Adam was very affectionate from the first second, I carried him around the clock, because he did not like his baby bed or his stroller. So we never missed a nursery, which we probably would never have used in the first year anyway. The living situation has still not changed - this will probably change in a few months. Until then I'll show you Adam's current children's room, which is actually just a corner in our big living room. For the beginning it doesn't really need to be any more.

From the beginning it was important to me that everything adapts to my antique furniture and that everything can be used for other purposes afterwards, just like a changing table.
Back then I had used the antique chest of drawers as a baby's changing unit with an attachment on top. Today, Adam's clothes are still stored in it, the last drawer contains toys that I only want to see under parental supervision - such as pens that have already been successfully tested on the walls and furniture.

Tee-Set ...
Tee-Set ...

Adam got the tepee for his first birthday - we cuddle, read, hide or drink tea in there. The pillow "Savanna Velvet Pierrot Moon Farniente Yellow" fits perfectly to the beanbag and also in the tepee to the cloud cushion.
It's hard to imagine life without the beautiful tea/coffee set - he loves role plays and always imaginatively refills the pot at our espresso machine. The set consists of a kettle (for us its the teapot or coffee pot), a sugar bowl, two pieces of sugar, two cups, two saucers and two wooden spoons. Everything is painted with delicate water-based paints without

varnish. The wooden surface shines through and the handling is very lovely.
I am a big fan of wooden toys, of which Adam has had a lot since he was a baby, always adapted to the age. He also loves his wooden radio from Hörbert, which can be played with music and radio plays and can stand a lot.
I have painted this chest and I will renovate it again for the future children's room. I looked for an antique farmer's chest for a long time, but unfortunately I didn't find what I wanted - so I started working on it myself! And it is not difficult at all!

I also covered the bookcase with wooden letters, which I ordered in an Etsy Shop. Admittedly, there is no room for more books now, so I will replace the bookshelf in the future. It has become almost an obsession of mine to look for new beautiful books - as a baby he loved my book wall - so exciting every day because of the colours and shapes and his interest has never waned. The kids chair is an antique one.

The beanbag "Savanna Velvet Essaouira Night Blue” is absolutely indispensable - it is not too big and fits into every corner. It adapts perfectly to the back and I love to sit/lie on it with Adam to read, play and cuddle. The velvet fabric is very noble and I chose the this colour to match the rest of the furniture.

Little People, Big Dreamsis a series of books about great people, all of whom, of course, were once children and had big dreams. Each of these personalities, whether artist, pilot or scientist, has achieved unimaginable things. The German translations have been published by Suhrkamp and are truly magical - each book gives big message for our small ones.

The Book of Time, published by Prestel, is more for older children. However, any adult can browse through it - it tells about time and its role in history, philosophy, nature and everyday life. Time is invisible, but omnipresent. We base our daily life on it and yet we know so little about it. People have always tried to divide and measure time.

There are day and night, hours, months, seconds and seasons - and we are not the only ones who follow them, animals and plants do too. The illustrations are fantastic, so even when the texts are quite big, you can talk about the drawings with a toddler anyway.
And what would Adam be without his beloved cars - I find them everywhere. I also find them even next to my pillow at night. These wooden cars are very high quality and a great competition to the multitude of Siku cars. The set consists of a fire truck, police car, ambulance and tow truck. They have a clear wood structure and a pleasant touch. They are made of pollutant-free materials and colours on a natural basis.

Next to cars he has a great obsession for trains - so of course BRIO is dominating his playing ground. Also here the play options are endless, he never get bored of them and I love the whole look and quality!

The Kyddo Shop is one of my favourite online places to browse for Adam. For years I've been watching how the range of products and the shop itself grows what makes me very happy! And of course I have a wish list for the 3rd birthday already (psst, a play kitchen will move in). Until then I will look for another mat so that floor in the tepee is not as hard as it is at the moment. Creating a kids room when we move house is definitely the next big step for this year!